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"All About Me" Course

This course focuses on the key fundamental makeup guide.

Course Program:
Skin care and skin preparation.
Base matching.
Foundation/Color correcting makeup products and its use. Powder; Blush.
Choosing the right product for your skin type and needs
Face shaping techniques (correction of brows, nose, eyes, lips, problem zones).
Technique and implementation of the Day-time/Natural makeup (classic blending).
Technique and implementation of the Evening makeup.

Course Fee:


Duration of training:

3 classes / 3hrs

Professional Makeup Course

The course is designed for makeup artists who want to begin their career in photoshoot/video/TV makeup, beauty salons/studios. Education is based on professional makeup products.

Course Program:
Setting up your workspace; makeup kit overview; accessories, brushes (types and features); disinfection or how to clean your tools appropriately.
Classification of makeup products: use of base products; texture differentiations; types and principles of applying (theory); colours fundamentals (effect of natural or artificial lighting, colour wheel).
Colour Types (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).
Makeup Types.
Face shaping techniques (correction of brows, nose, eyes, lips, problem zones).
Correction of problematic parts on the face (pimples, eye circles).
Brows: shaping, correcting, modeling, tinting.
Lashes tinting application technique.
Practical sections:
Day-time/Natural Makeup (classic blending)
Day-time/Natural Makeup Nude Look
Pencil technique application
Edge scheme application techniques
Banana scheme application techniques
Bridal makeup application techniques
Smoky eyes application techniques
Eyeliner application techniques
Features and application techniques of face-lifting/anti-aging makeup
Photoshoot with watercolour makeup: features and application techniques
Preparation to Final Exam.
Final Exam: theory and practical makeup.
Photoshoot (extra fee).

Fee (Individual):


Fee (Group):


Duration of training:

16 / 3h

Eyebrows Styling Course

Eyebrows are the hottest trend of the decade. This course provides an amazing opportunity to become an eyebrow stylist.

During the course you will learn how to pick an ideal form of the brows considering unique features of the face; gain practical knowledge of brows shaping, and get tips and tricks of eyebrow tinting, both regular and using henna.
Course Program
Lesson 1: Setting up your workspace; tools and accessories Eyebrow architecture Theory of designing and shaping eyebrows How to design different brow shapes according to the client’s eyes, facial structure, and colour type. Eyebrow makeup using professional cosmetics (demo on the model).
Lesson 2: Eyebrow correction, tinting. Lashes tinting application technique (practice on 2 models)
Lesson 3: Eyebrow correction. Eyebrow tinting using henna (practice on 2 models). Eyebrow care, tips, and recommendations.

Fee (Individual):


Fee (Group):


Duration of training:

3 lessons

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Day-time/Natural Makeup

Evening Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Prom Makeup

Photoshoot Makeup

Male Makeup

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelashes Tinting


You can make an appointment at my location, or I can travel to your desired place.


Blowdry (based on your desired style)



Bridal wedding hairstylin

Prom hairstyling

Extensions (with your material)


It’s vital to maintain the makeup for the duration of your event. If desired, I can support/maintain your look during the event with an hourly rate. Makeup has to make you confident that your best features will be highlighted, and anything that you wish to correct will become your unique points.


I offer all of the services you need for a complete, sleek look. All of the personalized styles are based on your features and desired image.


Looking after your hair is important and I provide a range of treatments to ensure your hair not only looks great, but is also strong and healthy.


Beauty is the most powerful first impression, and the face is the representation of our uniqueness. That’s why it is so important to properly maintain it and to highlight unique features. A lot of women consider “makeup” only as something festive or for very special occasions. However, I can prove that a woman should love her unique self and charm others not only during those events but in an everyday life as well.


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Stay up to date with new trends in hair design. I will style your hair so you look amazing and confident. We will review your needs so you also feel comfortable and have a style that works for you and your lifestyle or event. Looking after your hair is important and I provide a range of treatments to ensure your hair not only looks great, but is also strong and healthy.


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